1. Who we are?

Our Head Office is based out of India.

You can email us at support@chasefordream.com. You can also get in touch via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Chase for Dream runs competitions. There are guaranteed winners every week/month where the winner gets his/her hands on their dream car, bike, mobile etc.

You can read every piece of information related to our team in the About Us section.

2. How do we work?

To decide the winner of the competition, the person who will spot nearest to the centre of the ball or exactly to the centre of the ball will be the ultimate winner. We have a panel of in-house professional experts. Obviously, the winner will be the one closest to the centre of the actual ball judged by the panel of in-house professional experts. Thus, there will be a guaranteed winner.

Please feel free to get in touch with us via our email at support@chasefordream.com. Our team will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

There will be only one winner in the competition. If there are two or more players who are equally close to the actual position, then a winner will be determined by calculating the next closest entry of the players in question. The person having the closest second ticket is the obvious winner. On the contrary, if the player has only one ticket, then all players that are qualified will participate in another Spot the Ball competition to determine the winner.

Please read the full terms and conditions for clarity.

To determine the winner in the competition, it is a legally obliged game of skills. Spot the ball is a super easy, simple, fun, and widely known method to enter. There will be a photograph where there will be no ball.

You have to use your skills to determine where the center of the missing ball would be. You have to place two intercepted lines on the image. The position of the ball will be automatically marked at the interception of the two lines.

The competitions run from midnight until midnight.

The winner will be announced and all the entrants will be notified within 5 days post the completion of the competition. Results will be displayed on the website and notification will be sent via email. You may also log into your Account to check the results where you can also see how close you were.

3. Judging FAQ’s

In spot the ball, the coordinates marked by you will be analyzed by a panel of judges who are thorough professionals. The winner will be the one who is nearest to the center of actual ball’s coordinates, confirmed by the panel of judges.